blijf samen
    onze tijd begint
    Onze liefde
    De Kamers in mijn hoofd
    Winter gevoel...
    Ons boek
    De ware vindt jou
    Close encounter
    Ach ja
    Ben jezelf
    In je ogen
    Ik ga
    your voice
    Mijn zonnetje
    Verre liefde
    Alleen jij
    Ik zie je

your voice
I phoned you today
you picked up the phone
and said; 'Hello it's me, who's talking?'
I said nothing, I just smiled a great smile
'cause I know it was you on the other side of the line
You asked again; 'Who's talking?'
you said nothing for a while
And listened to me breathe
I think you even felt my smile
You didn't throw down the receiver,
you just listened
I got scared
'cause you must have known it was me
I could also here you breathing
and my heart started breathing twice as hard
and three times faster

You gently whispered; 'Bye'
and put down the receiver
my heart broke again
don't you know we belong together
you always said you did
but you left me anyway
I feel alone and trapped in my feelings
you made me turn into someone
who doesn't dare to love anyone but you

I can't resist anymore
so I called you again
and when you picked up the phone
you said; 'Hello it's me who's talking..................

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