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Just a memory and a thought away
She received a letter today
she opened it with love
and carefully took out the soft paper
she unfolded it as if were a Christmas present
with all the beauty of a small excited child
she then read it out aloud in the silence of her mind
I could read the words in her eyes
she was happy
with all the tenderness in the world
she closed the letter
and gently put it in the bottom drawer of her mind
that's where she keeps her special things
she smiled a sweet smile

she received a phonecall today
it was in the afternoon
she was thinking what he would do
and so he called
I saw her picking up the phone
and when she recognised his voice
her face lit up
like a room filled with candles
she listened carefully to what he had to say
and when she had to put down the receiver
she turned to me, smiled
and started doing what her father would have done
if he were still here.
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